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Dear visitor,

My name is Yohann and Xrousse.org is a personal blog I have started in 1993, related to my practice of open-source technologies.

I am french, 37 years old, maried, and I have 2 childrens. I live close to Lyon, in France.

On Xrousse.org you will find some solutions, experiments, feedbacks… about Open-Source solutions I use or that I have tested or customized for my daily work (at Ybizen), or more generally in my personal life (of geek). It mainly concerns:

  • Professional Web Workstation (used in real life in my webmarketing activity in Ybizen company)
  • Photographic Workstation (used in Ybizen when professional photography is needed)
  • Digital Audio Processing (under 64Studio – this part could be outdated since I don’t have time to update and use it anymore).

Some articles are written in english, others in french. Why? Euh… because :-)

I am a consultant in web technology (webmarketing /  agile web project management). You can have a look to my professional page (french) and if you want to work with me, feel free to contact me, I always answer to requests (as soon as I can…).

On my free time, I used to be a musician (piano, guitar, vocal) and several years ago I setup my personal Home-Studio under 64Studio. To be honest I don’t really have time to play anymore, then I am afraid this part of the blog is outdated! :-(

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