Upgrade Firefox / Iceweasel in Debian Wheezy

In this short tutorial, I briefly explain how to update your firefox configuration in Debian testing (wheezy).

Before to start

– Shutdown Iceweasel (not sure it is necessary, but in case of…).

Add the mozilla repository

In your /etc/apt/source.list, add

deb http://mozilla.debian.net/ experimental iceweasel-beta

– Then apt-get update (or update via aptitude)

Install new version

– Install iceweasel (19) instead of the 10.0.12 version originally in Debian.

Update pentadactyl

Pentadactyl is a powerfull plugin that lets you use vim shortcut and look and feel in Iceweasel/Firefox. The stable version is not compatible with version 19 of iceweasel, so you need to install the nightly build you can find here.

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